Leah Posluns

The Leah Posluns Theatre is a state-of-the-art modular presentation space with enormous technical and audio-visual capabilities.

The Theatre is the ideal space to experience a live performance, take part in the J's program offerings, or host your event.

The Theatre operates three program streams: production, presentation, and rental.

  • Production is defined as JCC-led programs.

  • Presentation is defined as a collaborative project where the Theatre hosts the program.

  • Rental is defined as independent organizations obtaining a permit to use the Theatre.


What’s On:

Jazz at the J

Aug 1, 2022

Film n’ Craft at the J

Aug 1, 2022

TJFF at the J

Aug 1, 2022

Laugh at the J

Aug 1, 2022

The Nosh at the J

Aug 1, 2022

Storyteller at the J

Aug 1, 2022



We welcome the opportunity to assist you in hosting your function at the Leah Posluns Theatre. Renters may also take advantage of the Ellen Prosserman Atrium, Irving & Esther Motlow Community Engagement Rooms, and Leboff Community Engagement Studio. Our venue spaces are perfect for cultural programs, and family Simchas as well as fundraising galas and silent auctions, meetings, conferences, and corporate launch events.

Leah Posluns Theatre Offers:

  • Retractable Seating Unit (theatre seating for 280 or banquet seating for 180 people)
  • Stage area (33 ft. wide by 8 ft. deep)
  • Lobby/Atrium space​ for receptions
  • Community Rooms available to serve as dressing rooms (3)
  • Loading dock
  • Free parking
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Parkland setting
  • Multitude of customized lighting options and sound set-ups
  • Lots of Natural light
  • Nearby access to Catering Kitchen

Technical Information:

If there are any items you require that we do not have available, we are happy to source them for you from our extensive list of professional suppliers.

Floor Plans of Event/Rental space:


For a tour of the theatre or to inquire about rates, technical information, and catering options contact Marnie Mandel, Cultural Arts Director at 416.638.1881 x4218 or marnie@prosserman.com