Prosserman Mission & Vision

Building on a solid foundation of Jewish values and with a strong connection to Israel, the Prosserman JCC strives to strengthen individuals, families and communities within an inclusive and welcoming environment. We welcome everyone and share the richness and traditions of Jewish culture with the community at large through the advancement of physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being. Our team is guided by our vision of Inspiring you to live the Jewish life you want to live!


While our primary focus is the Jewish community, our centres welcome and offer something for everyone. By fostering positive relationships with our community and with our partners, we enjoy partnerships that last a lifetime. Hospitality and inclusion come naturally to us and we enjoy being a home away from home for our members.


Our team always sets high standards, and as a result, we are committed to always exceeding our members’ expectations. To ensure excellence we only hire the best people and provide the right tools to achieve our class outcomes and financial goals. We are professional and dedicated to always being the best we can be.


All partners of the Prosserman JCC are ambassadors for our community. We are enthusiastic and energized and care deeply about our heritage while welcoming all those who show interest in our community centres. We are inspired by our vision, our values and the opportunity to make a di erence, and we go the extra mile for our members and partners. As a team, we have full knowledgeof the organization and the results of our work, and we celebrate whenever the opportunity arises. We all take joy and interest in our partners’ activities and do all we can to ensure their success.


Our community centre is committed to providing an environment where mental, physical and spiritual well-being is not only valued but assured for our members, as well as for our partners. Our working environment is safe, respectful, positive and healthy and encourages balancing work and family in a constructive way.


We are committed to honesty, transparency and doing the right thing. We say what we do and do what we say; we always act with professionalism and show our members, partners and volunteers respect. We believe that empathy and kindness reflect who we are.

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